A much more pleasing and I would even go so far as to term it a ‘triumphant’ week. An almost full week of training and a whopping great 18 mile run on Sunday.

The mid week runs we completed were a 5 mile and a 9 mile and both felt really good. My knee pain after doing my physio taught stretches started to work and on the 9 mile run I had no knee pain at all (also helped by ibuprofen I’m sure).

The 18 mile run on Sunday was quite daunting and I started to feel a sense of what the nerves are going to feel like on marathon day and as it’s only 5 week away it’s starting to become quite real. We completed the 18 mile run in about 3 hours and 15 minutes.  We set off along the seafront and ran from Shoreham to the other side of Brighton Marina and back. SUCH a long way but a great sense of achievement to have completed it. We had a really strong headwind on the way back which eventually became a bit of a storm after we got in. The headwind really sapped every last bit of energy so we felt a bit lifeless when we got back. I then had to go to work for 4 hours! Luckily I don’t have to use my legs!!

Total miles this week: 32

Lessons learnt: Set realistic targets and try not to plan a run along Madeira Drive in Brighton when there is a Vintage bike rally and auction on – bikers strolling along in leather can’t move out of the way very quickly, and waft past you with fish and chip vapours.